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Bookings are suspended

All bookings are suspended for time being to help the battle against the covid-19 and to stop the spread.

Please email to general@spacephoto.co.uk once we will reopen we will inform you immediately. 
This may not be the best news for those who want to work the same as we do, but this is the right decision and often the right decisions are the hardest ones to make.
A man’s strengths do not lie in only knowing what’s right but being able also to do what’s right!
If we all will stay isolated for a time we will let this season pass but if we will continue, we may continue like this for months, and that will cause even great damage to us and people around us, while some get well others will get ill and so on.
WE ALL CAN STOP THIS and restart with the new energy and enthusiasm once this all is over.
Founder and Director 
Peter Bauman