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Property Inventory

What is Property Inventory?

Property Inventory is a comprehensive checklist that is an essential component of a tenancy agreement.

Who needs an Inventory?

Letting Agents, Landlords and Tenants may use it in case of a dispute.

Why use SpacePhoto for an Inventory?

When working with SpacePhoto, You are working with a well established company in the UK property sector. We guarantee efficiency, excellence and customer satisfaction.


An inventory is a detailed report showing the condition and contents of a residential property – usually one that is being rented out.

Inventories are used for both furnished and unfurnished properties.

An ‘Inventory’ report evidences a comprehensive list of all fixtures and fittings with appropriate cleanliness and condition ratings.

Items can also be described in detail (optional) using voice dictation or our huge auto-complete library.

Supporting photographs are automatically added against each item (if taken), to better visualize the exact condition.


Why would you need an inventory?

It is important for the inventory to be thorough and use pictures and/or video to record the exact condition of the property and its contents.

The inventory will form part of the contract between the tenant and landlord, and is an essential document when it comes to deposit disputes.

An inventory should be completed pre check-in and / or pre check-out stage to record exact condition of the property (and its contents) at the start and end of a tenancy.


Why Spacephoto

AvailabilityOur staff is available 6 days a week to complete your check-ins, check-outs and inventories.

Advanced technologieswe use the latest tools and paperless processes, so even the tenants can add pictures and comments about the report. By involving every party we make the report as accurate as possible.

Yes we canwhile other companies only cover certain  areas we  offer our services anywhere within the London Metropolitan region.

The Check-in

All ingoing tenants should be present at the property for the check-in so that everything is agreed and signed in one go.

Our professional clerks advise tenants, making sure they understand and agree with everything at every stage of the check-in, and know what to expect when checking out.

Some of the important points are:

  • Meter readings
  • Instructions for smoke alarms
  • Keys and locks
  • Electric appliances manuals
  • Furniture and furnishing regulations label

Inventory & Check-In

A detailed inventory report of the condition and cleanliness of the property’s fixtures and fittings. This will include photos of the general condition of each room along with detailed descriptions and photos of any defects.

We will meet the tenants on their move in day, walk through the property and draw their attention to key points from the full report.

Meter readings will be recorded at the time of move in. Tenants receive a copy of the inventory and check-in report by email and provide their signatures prior to receiving keys of the property.

Tenants have 7 days to confirm the contents of the report. If it is not done within this time period, the report will be approved without their confirmation.


Check-Out Report

The check-out report is the most important aspect of the tenancy term. At the end of the tenancy, we will re-inspect the property, comparing the present condition with the original inventory and check-in report.

It is vital that any missing contents, damage to the property, and/or lost keys (etc) are captured at this stage with photo evidence. A lack of substantial evidence will almost certainly result in a failed deposit clawback claim.

Meter readings should also be taken at the check-out stage.

The report is sent to the letting agent and tenant for any comments and will be the primary document moving forward .Furthermore, identification can be made on whether such items have changed in condition due to ‘Fair wear & tear’ or not.

Supporting photographs are automatically added and are shown side-by-side against previous photographs for easy comparison.

In addition, comparison is made against check-in report for: key handover, appliance manuals (if applicable) and meter readings.