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How Construction Photography Can Help You

- June 14, 2018

It can seem like construction photography is put on the backburner when it comes to professional property photography, however, there is a great need for it in the architectural and construction profession; it’s in high demand. Whether you’re a builder, architect or contractor, your business could greatly benefit from having a digital representation of either the building process or simply showcasing the end result professionally (in all its glory). After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Which type of construction photography is helpful to you?
In a nutshell, construction photography is the act of taking professional photographs of buildings- this seems quite obvious but construction photography is a very broad term; it includes many aspects of the building process. From advertising to development projects, it’s worth investing in professional photography to rise above your competitors.

Some of the typical uses for construction photography include:

  • Industrial Photography

Construction site photography is mainly used to for work progress reports. This means recording the entire construction and process; visually capturing and documenting everything relevant. This progress allows the customer to not only have physical evidence of the layout and timeline (to show employers as a digital log) but it also allows them to achieve a virtual walk-through of the property development.

  • Architectural Photography

Construction photography can also be used more creatively. In this instance architectural photography is concerned with the aesthetics of buildings rather than the physical construction, it can simply be used to build a portfolio for architects to showcase their quality of work, or to present their work to new clients; perhaps in print or digital media.

  • Marketing Construction Photography

This area of construction images relates to the sales side of construction. This usually involves exhibition displays, magazine and web advertising as well as brochures and flyers for companies wanting to promote what they are currently constructing.

Why is construction photography beneficial?

Why should you invest? Just as in commercial and real estate photography, customers or employers will be drawn to a photograph over text, and be able to gather the needed information from it in a matter of seconds. Construction photography provides clarity, no matter which section you fall into, an image will always bring a quicker understanding and hold longer attention. It’s all about the audience in the end, and images makes everyone more interested- even if it’s not used commercially.
The process of recording progression is obviously best shown visually as you can quickly communicate the rate of progress to the consumer without much explanation; this means you don’t have to hold anyone’s hand through tiresome explanations and may, in turn, save you time and money.

How can it save you money?

Having aspects like the ‘virtual walk-through’ means that customers and employers no longer needs to visit the site; freeing up time for both parties.

Being able to show a development project in a digital way, for example, a time lapse brings an edge of professionalism as well as understanding- speeding up the process whilst making a good impression.

Having professional photography will only strengthen what you already have. However, a poor quality, dated image may turn people away from your business; putting you at risk of losing money.

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