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Top 10 Questions about Property Photography

10 Most Asked Questions about Property Photography   1. How long does it typically take to do Property Photography? The time spent at the property varies on the property size and photography option selected. There are 2 options available: 1st Option 12 Standard Photos – Estimated time at the property from 45 min to 1h 30 mins Add-on […]

- March 21, 2024 Read more

How Estate Agents will move forward in 2020 with 3D Virtual Tours.

A variety of strategies are emerging including temporary branch closures, home working and virtual viewings. When it comes to house and flat hunting, both potential buyers and estate agents are cautious, especially those who travel by public transport. In the current climate, most will opt for online viewing over unnecessary risk of being exposed to […]

- May 5, 2020 Read more

Advise for estate agents: how to advertise and sell a property quickly

  The property market is competitive, especially within London, so the need for estate agents to sell their properties quickly is never more prevalent. As experts in property marketing and dynamic residential photography, SpacePhoto shares our extensive advice for estate agents on how to sell a property quickly.   Use a 3D Virtual Property Tour […]

- March 18, 2020 Read more

Measured House Surveys For Detail-Driven Architects

Measured house surveys are intrinsic to the detailed plans and drawings that architects provide, forming the basis of your home improvement or extension. They’re more than necessary, but entirely important to getting the details and measurements right for your project. We’re going to walk you through how our measured house surveys in London and across […]

- August 15, 2019 Read more

Why You Should Use a Commercial Photographer in London

Commercial Photography generally implies the acquiring of images for business, corporate, and advertisement purposes. Having an interactive engagement is vital in almost every enterprise nothing’s more crucial than obtaining excellent photos; hence, it is best to employ only the most exceptional commercial photographer in London.   Utilising Product and Promotional Photography Commercial Photography is frequently […]

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Which Type of Property Photography is Best for You?

First impressions are everything. With professional property photography, you know you can always make that impression a good one. Attractive photos of your space can transform the property you own to the best it can possibly look, which is one of the main factors that will draw someone to your property. But there are many […]

- November 28, 2018 Read more

The Benefits of 3D Virtual Tours of Property

One of the biggest stresses in adult life is moving house. There are so many factors in play that can add to the stress of this period. So why not make selling your house in London the easy part? With 3D Virtual Tours, you can do just that. Here are the Benefits of 3D Virtual […]

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The Psychology of a Floor Plan

Whilst looking for a property the first thing a potential buyer is drawn to is… the picture. This is basic human behaviour, we automatically gather most information from a visual property photograph – or do we? As most of us judge a book by its cover, we also judge a house by its picture. But […]

- August 2, 2018 Read more

Ways to Improve Your EPC Rating

Why should you improve your EPC rating? Your Energy Performance Certificate can tell you a lot about how efficient or inefficient your property is. If you’re A rated, you’re more than efficient, if you’re drifting towards G rating then our tips could help you save money, reduce your inefficiency, and improve your EPC rating. Whether […]

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How Construction Photography Can Help You

It can seem like construction photography is put on the backburner when it comes to professional property photography, however, there is a great need for it in the architectural and construction profession; it’s in high demand. Whether you’re a builder, architect or contractor, your business could greatly benefit from having a digital representation of either […]

- June 14, 2018 Read more

Why Professional Is Best For Property Photography

There are many advantages to having pictures of your property taken during the sales process, but do you really need to go down the professional route and pay for an expert to take the images? Actually, you do, as poor quality images will almost certainly portray your property in a negative way and this could […]

- March 12, 2018 Read more

What are the Main Advantages of 3D Virtual Tours?

You’ve no doubt noticed that more property marketers are using 3D Virtual Tours as part of their promotional campaigns, but have you ever stopped to think why they are doing this? In the modern era, estate agents use every means possible to market and sell a property, so it makes sense to use virtual tours […]

- January 11, 2018 Read more

How to get your home ready for your property photographer

If you’re looking to sell your home, the chances are you want to do everything possible that’ll see you get a smooth and fast sale at a good price. Here at Space Photo, we work with a number of leading estate agencies and private individuals to help them cultivate the best possible first impression of […]

- December 7, 2017 Read more

What is an EPC and do you need one?

An EPC is needed for every home that’s rented out, bought or sold in the UK, but do you know what an EPC is, how much an EPC costs and which information is displayed on an EPC? Here at Space Photo, we’re here to provide you with all the information you need to understand EPCs […]

- November 6, 2017 Read more

Why Your Property for Sale Needs a Floor Plan

Depending on the estate agent you’re selling your property with, you may find that there’s no floor plan with your property details, but floor plans are incredibly useful in helping to make your sale a success. Along with property photography, floor plans help to entice people to come and look at your property and can […]

- July 14, 2017 Read more

How to Hire your Architectural Photographer

At Space Photo, we’ve worked with a number of commercial clients, offering architectural photography to help sell buildings and keeping investors updated on the projects they’re financing. Hiring an architectural photographer is far too important than to quickly Google and book the first photographer you come across, and you need to have a balanced relationship […]

- May 5, 2017 Read more

What to Expect from Commercial Real Estate Photographers

It can be easy to think that real estate photography for residential and commercial properties are the same, and there are some similarities, but there are many major differences you can’t ignore. Whilst residential real estate photography is only used for a few weeks or months, commercial real estate photography can be used for multiple […]

- March 15, 2017 Read more