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What to Expect from Commercial Real Estate Photographers

- March 15, 2017

It can be easy to think that real estate photography for residential and commercial properties are the same, and there are some similarities, but there are many major differences you can’t ignore. Whilst residential real estate photography is only used for a few weeks or months, commercial real estate photography can be used for multiple years whilst on sale and may even be used on a website or brochure. Commercial real estate photography is also often used on company websites to offer potential customers and clients a view of your organisation’s premises.

Professional commercial real estate photographers will take some time to get to know the building and the organisation inside (if necessary) in order to take photographs that’ll make you proud of your premises and exceed any expectations you have. If you’re thinking about hiring a commercial real estate photographer, there are a number of things you can expect.

They’ll come and scout the location

Any commercial real estate photographer who’s worth hiring will come to have a look around the property a few days before the shooting to:

  • Take sample shots of the property to gain a good sense of the building and its orientation
  • Record the directions the windows face
  • Record the position of the sun at any time
  • Find out if there’s anything that will obstruct the natural light
  • Find out if there are any reflective surfaces to take into account

Before the actual shoot, many commercial real estate photographers will take a variety of shots from different angles, usually in the corners of any particular room to give them something to base the actual shoot on. These preliminary shots allow a commercial real estate photographer an idea of the shots needed for a successful photoshoot, and gives us time to build trust and rapport with our clients.

They’ll discuss their ideas with you

Any professional commercial real estate photographer takes the time to discuss with you what you think are the strengths of your building, what you like in commercial real estate photography and what you want your commercial real estate photography to convey to anyone viewing it.

At Space Photo, we always ask our clients lots of questions to help us approach our commercial real estate. As we work with either business owners or managers, they have a high level of emotional connection to the space and understanding this can help us turn good shots into great shots. Our clients can tell us about any interesting quirks that make the building unique, and they often have ideas about shots and angles that they want to include.

Commercial real estate photographers will collaborate with you

Commercial real estate photographers who are committed to ensuring you receive the images you want of your building will try and involve you as much as possible, and will welcome your ideas and input both before the shoot and throughout. As a business owner or manager, you’ve invested a lot into your organisation, and high quality commercial real estate photographers will want to utilise your dedication to your organisation and building and reflect this in the photo shoot.

The inclusion of logos and branding

If your space or building has branding or organisational logos, commercial real estate photographers will try to include them in the final images. Whether you have logos on your wall, windows, or even mouse mats or pens, your logo will be included in at least some images. As well as branding , commercial real estate photography can be used for:

  • Postcards and other printed marketing materials
  • Social media
  • Headers

Branding shots are the ideal way to enjoy the success of your hard work to build a successful business, and commercial real estate photographers ensure you receive the images your organisation deserves.

For more information about our commercial real estate photography in central London, don’t hesitate to call us on 020 3287 6610 or send an email to general@spacephoto.co.uk today.