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How Estate Agents will move forward in 2020 with 3D Virtual Tours.

A variety of strategies are emerging including temporary branch closures, home working and virtual viewings.
When it comes to house and flat hunting, both potential buyers and estate agents are cautious, especially those who travel by public transport. In the current climate, most will opt for online viewing over unnecessary risk of being exposed to COVID-19.

2D images can often be deceiving, and it’s not always possible to gage a true understanding of size or feel for a room by a singular image.
This is where we believe a 3D Virtual Tour can help.

A 3D Virtual Tour, or Matterport tour, is a simulation of your property composed of videos and images, that estate agents and landlords in London should begin to utilise in 2020. The property market for London is incredibly overcrowded, and with more and more enquiries being made online, you need to catch their attention. Since this is something that not everyone is using yet, you have the opportunity to stand out.
Here at SpacePhoto, we are domestic and commercial property marketing specialists in London, and we’ve put together a list of benefits 3D Virtual Tours will have for estate agents and landlords, and how to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Saves Time for Client and Estate Agent

One benefit of a 3D Virtual Tour is that property viewers will be able to narrow down their options a lot more easily than if they were relying on images and physical viewings.

Not only will this save time for the client, it will save the estate agents’ time too.

Estate Agents are not allowed to charge agency fees for viewings or admin fees, but with 3D Virtual Tours, people can look around the property prior to physical viewings, where they may decide straight away that the property is not for them. Transparency is the key to success – why would you try to convince someone who is not interested and arrange a viewing where they will see the property anyway?

This will mean the estate agent can operate in much more time efficient manner, by ascertaining at a very stage who is interested in the property and who is not before they even set foot in it for a viewing.

As property marketing specialists in London, we understand the need to accurately and effectively represent your property for sale online. With 3D Virtual/Matterport Tours, you will receive a more accurate representation of the property or room, potentially increasing the success rate of subsequent viewings.


Relocating and International Clients

After the lockdown if a client is looking to relocate across the country, or perhaps purchase a London property internationally with a view to rent out or use themselves, attending physical viewings is not going to be as easy, often being costly and time consuming. For this reason, effective online property marketing is essential to represent your property faithfully whilst highlighting its most attractive attributes.
A 3D Virtual Tour incorporates videos and images to be able to offer a 360 degree view of each room, giving the client a better idea of the size and feel for the London property.

Relocators and international landlords will be able to narrow down their options without the need to spend money on travel, but will still have a good idea of what to expect from the properties they do choose to view.

These better quality leads and more likely to make a sale for the agency and save time for both parties.

Beneficial for Commercial Properties

Our Matterport Tours are also particularly beneficial for commercial properties.

The 3D Virtual Tour is great for highlighting changes of layout – it is a good way to stay up to date with any redevelopment or restructuring that might be going on, in a retail shop with the head office located in another country or city, or where investors want to be up to date on the development stage of their invested property without spending time on travelling due to the busy schedule or development location.

London Hotels and AirBnB hosts may utilise 3D tours to allow guests to view their rooms, letting them see what’s in there, and get a good idea of the size before they book their stay.


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