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What are the Main Advantages of 3D Virtual Tours?

- January 11, 2018

You’ve no doubt noticed that more property marketers are using 3D Virtual Tours as part of their promotional campaigns, but have you ever stopped to think why they are doing this? In the modern era, estate agents use every means possible to market and sell a property, so it makes sense to use virtual tours if this means is available to ensure a speedy and profitable sale.

Here are the positives of virtual tours if you are considering effective ways of marketing your home and wonder what the advantages might be.

Reach out to more people

The next buyer of your property could live anywhere in the world, and by providing them with a virtual means of exploring your home, you are giving them a brilliant tool which enables them to walk around the property when they want, as often as they like.

Virtual tours are accessible to all parties regardless of physical location, and they ensure you target the widest demographic possible, which enhances your chances of selling your home.

Save your buyers time

By adding a virtual tour to your sales details you ensure your house is open for viewings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People are busy, and they don’t want to waste time viewing properties that aren’t suitable for their requirements, so will appreciate a walk-through tour of your home to see if this is appropriate or not.

Whet their appetite with a 3D tour and they are more likely to want to book a physical viewing in person. Sure, the viewer feels like they are already at the property, but once you have tempted them with attention-grabbing interior footage, they’ll be itching to see the house firsthand.

Spark their imagination

In a competitive market sector, you only get one shot to create a lasting impression, so make sure you grab attention from the beginning and use all of the marketing tools at your disposal. Virtual tours are an easy way to achieve this, enabling you to trigger the imagination of buyers, so they can visualise how their life might be if they were living in your property.

With this type of tour, people can walk virtually through all areas of the home and navigate their way through the property at the touch of a mouse.

Keep one step ahead of the competition

Virtual tours enable buyers to view properties in greater detail and from any angle, something that is useful when trying to visualise a home from another location. Not everyone thinks of this, and your competitors might be missing this trick if they stick to traditional marketing methods that are less effective.

Reach out to as many buyers as possible and use modern marketing techniques to really sell your property by sealing the deal in style.

Actively involve the audience

One of the best ways to capture the imagination is to actively involve the target audience and keep them entertained as they browse different types of properties. Virtual tours are a fun way to achieve this, as they display a wealth of features in a pleasurable way, making it more interesting to view properties online for all interested parties.

People are empowered with a virtual tour. They can view what they like and get a deeper feeling for a property by taking a tour of each room, exploring floor plans, and looking at various points of interest along the way.

Here at Space Photo, we are highly experienced at creating 3D Virtual Tours and know just what is needed to capture your property in a positive way so you can market it effectively. Find out more and call us today on 020 3287 6610 or email us at general@spacephoto.co.uk.