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Why Professional Is Best For Property Photography

- March 12, 2018

There are many advantages to having pictures of your property taken during the sales process, but do you really need to go down the professional route and pay for an expert to take the images? Actually, you do, as poor quality images will almost certainly portray your property in a negative way and this could hinder any potential sale. As one of the leading experts for interior and exterior real estate photography in central London, we know how successful this type of action can be, and also know that great results can be achieved through professionally taken images. Photos help to sell houses, and by choosing a professional to take the pictures, you enhance your chance of getting a quick sale.

To prove this point, we list a few of the main reasons why you should hire a property photographer before you advertise your house on the market.

People are seduced by quality images

Most people begin their house search on sites like Rightmove where they can read property details, check out floor plans, and click each individual image that is placed on the site. This is useful, as it enables people to get a feel for the flow of the home, and they can also view each individual room before they think about setting foot inside the door. Quality images capture the imagination and hold more appeal, which increases the chance of potential buyers wanting to visit the house in person.

Light, bright images that are sharp, fully focused and taken at just the right angle will make people fall in love with your home. If they love the look of the photographs, you can bet they’ll be chomping at the bit to make a viewing in person.

Badly taken photographs are off-putting

Good quality photographs stimulate buyer interest and this increases the chances of a home viewing. Badly taken images have the opposite effect, and can actually be off-putting, with you running the risk of losing a sale. If the photographs are taken in poor lighting, this has a detrimental impact on their quality, and can actually make a room feel dark and unwelcoming. Similarly, if the photos are out of focus or the images captured have been taken from the wrong angle, this fails to present the property in the best possible way and could turn people away.

Any experienced property photographer will set the tone to make a successful sale, taking pictures in the best possible light, shooting images from the perfect angle, and making sure that any photos published online present your property in just the right way.

Professional photographs make your home stand out

Photographs are the ideal way to promote your home’s best features and a good professional will be clever when they capture the images so the key selling points are plain to see. If you have gone to the effort of sprucing the interior and the exterior of the home up prior to the sale, the images captured will ensure this doesn’t go unnoticed.

Having done all of the hard work, why run the risk of ruining the property photographs? Make them as inviting as possible and hire a professional who knows just what to do to capture the beauty and appeal of your home.

It’s a specialist skill

Anyone can take a picture, but not everyone has the skills to bring a room to life through high-quality photography. You need every type of advantage possible when you are selling a house and by hiring a professional photographer you will certainly enhance your chances of making that sale.

Pictures speak a thousand words, and by having them professionally taken you give your property the best chance right from the start, providing a massive boost for the saleability of the home.

At Space Photo, we understand how important photographs are to the overall sales process and want you to get the very best out of your property. Find out more and call us today on 020 3287 6610 or email general@spacephoto.co.uk.