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The Psychology of a Floor Plan

- August 2, 2018

Whilst looking for a property the first thing a potential buyer is drawn to is… the picture. This is basic human behaviour, we automatically gather most information from a visual property photograph – or do we? As most of us judge a book by its cover, we also judge a house by its picture. But by looking a little deeper into how buyers respond to property advertisements and listings, you can see the real importance of floor plans in the selling process. Floor plans give a huge amount of valuable information to the buyer in a short amount of time, but they also enable the potential buyer to visualise how they would work in that space – if a customer can easily do this, they are much more likely to book viewings and ultimately buy.

Why do we want floor plans?

Although the property photography is the initial trigger of interest, the floor plan is what really sells it. Whether you’re an expert or layman, floor plans can inform any level of knowledge on the properties true layout. Listings that include floor plans gather more viewings and are more likely to sell at the asking price than those who don’t. The main benefits for house floor plans include:

  • Less wasted time – buyers aren’t felt mislead by the property photography when they view the property
  • Concretes the memory after viewing – many people almost panic when viewing a property as they have limited time to explore, by having accurate floor plans they can confirm what they remember when they get home; making a sale more likely
  • Allows the buyer to mentally move in
  • Makes you look trustworthy – you’ve got nothing to hide

Ways that people misunderstand floor plans

Floor plans are only effective if done correctly, here’s how to avoid the most common mistakes in floor plan drawings:

  • No visible tags – labelling areas and rooms are essential, even if they are currently empty
  • Lack of furniture – similarly, having at least a basic idea of furniture placing allows the buyer to picture themselves in the space
  • Doors pictured to open the wrong way – inaccurate floor plans can deter buyers, especially if they have construction knowledge
  • Any disproportionate measurements – having an incorrect floor plan can turn potential buyers away, using a professional floor plan specialist is always the best way to increase sales

Do you need a floor plan?

A combination of high-quality property photography and floor plans is best; don’t give your potential buyers more hurdles and guesswork than is needed. At Space Photo we give professional floor plans for properties; from residential to commercial, you can rely on our floor plan specialists in London to provide you with fast, highly accurate service.

If you require our floor plan services then please don’t hesitate to call us on 020 3287 6610 and speak to one of our specialists today. You can also contact us online at general@spacephoto.co.uk for a prompt response on any of our real estate floor plans or property photography services.