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3D Tour Externally


External scans with Leica BLK360

In the price included, 30 external scans any extra is charged £4.8 per extra scan.

Leica BLK360 is a scanner that works with lidar technology and it is not affected by the sunlight and is compatible with Matterport software.

As all the Matterport cameras work on infrared technology, and this reflects in difficulties to collect the 3D data because the sun also emits infrared and the information can be corrupted. We have a solution for such scenarios with Leica BLK360 camera we can guarantee the external scans no matter the sun, clouds or the time of the day excluding if it is pouring rain on the equipment of course.

This is used for:

Land Virtual tours

Roof terraces

Construction sites with no roof

Any other areas that are under the sky and has no roof to protect from the sun.




BLK360 External 3D tour bundle – addon to 3d virtual tour.