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Photo Session – Quality Option


  • Estimated time at property up to 2 h;
  • Choice from 50 images before editing, 20 edited images included;
  • Wide-angle and Lifestyle images;
  • Extra images can be edited at £4.80 per image.
Wide-angle – Images with a lens in range 14mm – 17mm;
  • Landscape mode.
Lifestyle angles – Images with a lens in range 24mm-70mm;
  • Landscape and/or Portrait mode.
Product Quantity

A Photo Session – Quality Option

Up to 2 hour Photoshoot at the property – All angles – Choice of images before editing – Lifestyle images – 20 final edited images – Extra images can be purchased at £4.80 each.



Why is Photo Session better than Standard Photos?

Photo Session focuses not only on wide angles but also on the details of the property, provides larger coverage and a choice of images before editing is included in all bookings.
You will receive Standard Wide-Angle Images and Lifestyle Images to choose from.

Who uses this service?

Usually companies, Developers and individuals who need more than just a few quick images. Also anyone who wants to highlight the fixtures and fittings of the property and who works with Serviced Apartments such as AirBnB, Booking.com, HMO properties and other.