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Photo Session – Quality Option


  • Estimated time at property up to 2 h;
  • Choice from 50 images before editing, 25 edited images included;
  • Wide-angle and Lifestyle images;
  • Extra images can be edited at £5.40 per image.
Wide-angle – Images with a lens in range 14mm – 17mm;
  • Landscape mode.
Lifestyle angles – Images with a lens in range 24mm-70mm;
  • Landscape and/or Portrait mode.
Product Quantity

A Photo Session – Quality Option

Up to 2 hour Photoshoot at the property – All angles – Choice of images before editing – Lifestyle images – 25 final edited images – Extra images can be purchased at £5.40 each.


Is decluttering required?

Exclusive opportunity to show the best features of the property and remove the possible distractions. An allocated time slot of 30 minutes applies/is included.



Why is Photo Session better than Standard Photos?

Photo Session focuses not only on wide angles but also on the details of the property, provides larger coverage and a choice of images before editing is included in all bookings.
You will receive Standard Wide-Angle Images and Lifestyle Images to choose from.

Who uses this service?

Usually companies, Developers and individuals who need more than just a few quick images. Also anyone who wants to highlight the fixtures and fittings of the property and who works with Serviced Apartments such as AirBnB, Booking.com, HMO properties and other.

Additional information

Is decluttering required?