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Standard Photos + Walkthrough Video


Estimated time at the property from 1h 30 min to 2h 30 min

A fixed amount of 12 images without any extra images (if Choice of images is not selected);
Wide-angle images only, lens (14mm – 17mm);
Notes of any specific requests available when placing the booking
Landscape mode.

Walkthrough Video – Internally
Interior walkthrough video up to 3 min
Filmed with a wide-angle phone camera and image stabilizer – Gimbal
Landscape mode
Notes of any specific requests available when placing the booking
The video will be made available on a YouTube link (Quality 720p)

Product Quantity

Choice of 30 images

You will be provided 30 Images to choose the best for editing.


Is decluttering required?

Exclusive opportunity to show the best features of the property and remove the possible distractions. An allocated time slot of 30 minutes applies/is included.



How to get more images and not only a wide-angle but also lifestyle images?

When the quality and the details are of importance you may find that simple wide-angle images are not enough.

We also provide Photo Sessions where we use a zoom lens and focus also on the detail shots of the property (fixtures and fittings). Look out for other services in the shop.

Is Walkthrough Video better than 3D Virtual Tour?

They have different interaction levels and storage methods:

Video Walkthrough is more affordable but less engaging option to the viewer as they can’t look around as in 3D tour – there is only play and stop option. Once uploaded on YouTube video is hosted for free to share with anyone.

3D Virtual Tour is more engaging and also can be played as a video but with the option for the viewer actually look around and walk to areas of their interest, just like in a computer game. 3D Virtual Tour tend to be more expensive and will require hosting (a monthly fee).

Additional information

Choice of 30 images

Is decluttering required?