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Top 10 Questions about Property Photography

10 Most Asked Questions about Property Photography


1. How long does it typically take to do Property Photography?

The time spent at the property varies on the property size and photography option selected.

There are 2 options available:

1st Option 12 Standard Photos – Estimated time at the property from 45 min to 1h 30 mins

Add-on service for 12 Standard Photographs is a choice of 30 images – Estimated time at the property is 1 hr – 1 hr 30 mins (depending on the size of the property)

2nd Option 2h Photo Session – It is estimated 2h at the property.


2. How many images are included in each of these options?

The Standard Photos includes 12 edited images, taking into account any special image requests made at the time of the booking process,

If a choice of images is added to Standard Photos you will have a choice of 30 watermarked images for choosing and 20 Final Edited Photographs,

The Photo Session includes a choice of 50 watermarked images for choosing and Final 25 Edited Photographs,


3. What is the turnaround time to receive the material?

For Standard Photos,the turnaround time is the following working day after the property visit.

For Photography Options where a choice of images is provided, the delivery of the material is the following working day from when the selection is made.


4. What is the choice of images?

Choice of images can be added to our Standard Photography product where a selection of the best angles is left to the photographer’s choice.

When adding a Choice of Images before editing you will receive extra images to make your selection of the images you like the best, if this option is selected we will take more photos than usual and you will also receive more!

It is only the Standard Photos where you decide if you want the photographer to choose the best photos or if you want to choose yourself by adding the choice of images to it.

When booking a Photo Session, the choice of images is included in the price.


5. What is the difference between Standard Photos and Photo Session?


12 Standard Photographs is the most affordable and popular option used by Estate agents to market the property with the least amount of money spent.

Delivery: Only Wide Angle Images to showcase the property or location itself.

Leaves the selection of images to the photographer’s judegement, this provides a very streamlined and quick service.

An add-on of choice of 30 images can be added if there is an agent/client who wants to take control on how they present their property and have a choice of images before editing provided and requires a greater amount of edited images,

Whereas, a 2h Photo Session is used by Service Apartment providers or Interior Designers or people who want to showcase not only the property but also the details like fixtures & fittings and staging.

This option is more focused on the quality of work over the affordability and will always include a choice of images before editing. In addition to Wide Angle images, Lifestyle images also known as close-ups to highlight the details will be provided.

Our suggestion for anyone who isn’t sure what option to choose it would be wise to purchase the Photo sessions to capture the whole property and not miss any crucial details, your welcome!


6. What if the job needs to be cancelled?


When we book the time slot for you, we secure it with the booking fee to guarantee this date and time for your booking and refuse any other booking,

In cases where we are notified less than 8 SP (SpacePhoto) working hours about the cancellation of the appointment, a booking fee will be charged and the rest of the amount paid for the service can be refunded or used as a credit for future bookings,


7. How do I book an appointment?


You can make a booking by visiting our website –  www.spacephoto.co.uk

Go to the subheading shop, where you will be able to see all our services and prices.

When making the booking, state the desired date and time of the job or give us a call to find out the availability before booking to our dedicated bookings team on 020 3287 6610 extension 1.

For all Companies, Agencies or Traders who require regular work to be done, please email general@spacephoto.co.uk with brief instructions of the amount and type of work required and we will see if we can offer you a Discounted Traders Price list and Open a credit account with us.

If you are an open account holder, you can place your booking by reaching out to bookings@spacephoto.co.uk to get your booking form,


8. What is your availability?


We can usually book all appointments with a few days’ notice.

The bigger the notice the more flexible we are as the majority of our clients want to book all jobs within a day or two.

To provide precise availability it all starts with the client’s needs and a few questions:

  1. Where is the property located?
  2. When is the most convenient time for you?
  3. What time/date would you like to book it for?
  4. Who will provide access to the property?
  5. What services would you like to book?

If the job is urgent please give us a call on 020 3287 6610 ext 1 and our bookings team will advise you on the nearest availability based on the current jobs and work around the existing bookings to find a suitable slot for you.

And remember the bigger the notice the greater the flexibility as we always try to make it work for our clients!


9. Do you offer decluttering services?


Your in luck, because we do offer decluttering services. So you might ask what is decluttering?

An exclusive opportunity of getting rid of any distractions at the property, this includes a 30 minute-slot of tidying up and can be purchased as an add-on for all our Photography Services and will help enhance the visual appeal of your property by removing any unnecessary items and tidying up spaces to create a clean and inviting atmosphere for photography,

Let me whisper a secret, this will definately be a more affordable way of getting rid of distractions than editing all the clutter out from the final images, no need to thank us!

So when you select a Photography Option on our website, this will give you a chance to get this as an add-on,

*This is subject to moving everyday items and making the property look inviting for potential buyers/renters, this doesn’t involve moving heavy construction items etc.


10. Do you offer any other services or package deals?


We offer a wide range of services, these are displayed on our website under the subheading shop. 

The first few rows display the products we offer as separate services, however, if you scroll down a few rows, on the left side there is a heading package deals and all our package services are available if you would like to get it done in one go!

Our service range includes Photographs,floorplans (incl. HMO, regular floorplan with add-on furniture, Lease Plans, Energy Performance Certificates, Walkthrough Video’s and 3D Virtual Tours.

For all Companies, Agencies or Traders that have an open account with us, the same services are available at a discount with the Discounted Traders Price, please enquire to Bookings Team for a booking form on bookings@spacephoto.co.uk,

But if any other questions arise don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


SpacePhoto Team

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