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Floor Plan – For illustrative purposes


Properties up to 1200 sq.ft, any extra will be charged 6p per sq.ft.
All floor plans are for illustrative purposes only and are not drawn to scale, all measurements are approximate.

Product Quantity

Floor Plan

Properties up to 1200 sq.ft, any extra will be charged 6p per SQ.FT


Add furniture to your floor plan



Who uses this service?

Typically used by estate agents or service apartments hosts to show the property layout, location and dimensions.

What is included?
Broadly speaking the whole enclosed area of a property within the external walls taking each floor into account and excluding the thickness of the external walls. Approximate garden and driveway measurements are free of charge and will not be charged as extra sq.ft.

We measure the GIA (Gross Internal Area).

Where to get a scaled floor plan?
You may find yourself that your planned use of the plan is not for illustration but for Interior Design or Architectural work where this plan is not suitable.
We also provide scaled floor plans or a complete measured house surveys. Please look out for other services in the shop or get in touch with us: general@spacephoto.co.uk or 020 3287 6610  (Ext 1).

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Floor Plan

Add furniture to your floor plan