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Standard Photos – Budget Option


Estimated time at the property from 45 min to 1h 30 min;
A fixed amount of 12 images without any extra images (if Choice of images is not selected);
Wide-angle images only, lens (14mm – 17mm);
Notes of any specific requests required;
Landscape mode.

Product Quantity

Choice of 30 images

You will be provided 30 Images to choose the best for editing.


Is decluttering required?

Exclusive opportunity to show the best features of the property and remove the possible distractions. An allocated time slot of 30 minutes applies/is included.




Why is Standard Photos better than Photo Session?

This is a budget option and will save you money, fewer photos are done and less time spent at the property to achieve more affordable service;
The price is of importance over greater exposure and details;
It will not provide a choice of images if not selected.

Who uses this Service?

Usually, Estate agents as they use the images once, make the deal, sell the property and move to the next deal;
This is a great way to cut expenses if photos are required at a low price and you’re not detail orientated.

Additional information

Number of photos

10, 12, 14, 8

Choice of 30 images

Is decluttering required?