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Floor Plans

SpacePhoto offers a range of services in London and across the whole of the UK.

Covering residential and commercial property our team of 16 professionals offers a range of products to cover all your property needs including professional floor plans for Illustrations, HMO licensing, Lease Plans and Planning permissions.

Why do we need a professional floor plan in property marketing?

Properties without floor-plans get less interest. We produce accurate floor plans for better orientation of the view from above downwards, giving you the perfect imaginative guide to the layout of your property. When combined with interior and exterior photography this can give your viewers all the information they need before they visit the property.

We are capable of producing scaled floor plans for architectural use or for illustrative purposes such as for listings on Rightmove, Zoopla, AirBnB and other popular portals. Illustrative floor plans are far more cost-effective to produce whilst remaining accurate and fit for purpose.

How do we do this?

SpacePhoto’s industry professionals and specialists include experienced floor planners from London. Our floor planners use the right equipment is it a simple laser Disto or a Point to Point laser and even 3D scanners for mapping ou the property with Point Cloud technology for more complex jobs, using special software to create accurate and detailed floor plans for estate agents, private landlords, architects and developers in London and across the UK.

Where can I use it?

Detailed floor plans can be used for property listings on estate agents websites and all the major property portals and for architects and developers plans, planning permissions and licensing purposes. Our mission is to reshape the property industry where integrity is central to our work and we believe every property deserves a detailed and accurate floor plan.

Why should I have a professional floor plan?

Floor plans for illustrative purposes don’t just offer a detailed and accurate picture of your property, but they help prospective viewers get a better picture of the property in their minds. Properties without floor plans get fewer viewings both online and in person.

Floor plans for licensing and planning permissions are a requirement by the council and they will not grant permission without the right documents and floor plans are one of them in some cases.

SpacePhoto is proud of the work we do, offering innovative products and services to the property market in London and across the UK.

How do I get in touch?

For more information about professional floor plans in London and across UK, please contact SpacePhoto today on 020 3287 6610 or by e-mail general@spacephoto.co.uk.