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We specialize in Building Surveying – Measured Building Survey

Preparing accurate plans of existing properties, sites and buildings. This involves examining and recording the area and features of a site or building to construct a Floor or Roof Plan, Elevation or Section drawing.

Measurements can be taken by hand or we can provide 3D scanning of buildings. A variety of methods can be used to collect these data.

We always recommend using 3D scanning as it provides information on wall thickness, height and floor thickness with an accuracy of up to 99%. This gives you much greater precision, accessible as a Point Cloud information rather than hand sketch – Point Cloud is provided in RCP files as output.

Once surveying is done, the information can be added to AutoCAD or Revit to create final plans as required in PDF, DWG or other formats.

We have been using Point Cloud technology in our architectural practice for the past year and have never looked back.

We are very confident in the future of this methodology (including Point Clouds in our business portfolio).

Four reasons for Architects to use Point Clouds in their next project.

1. More information is better
Point cloud scanning technology provides a complete three-dimensional scan of the real environment capturing the data using millions of individual laser points.

2. Avoid revisits
Reduce the need of returning to the site to take the one missing measurement or to confirm what is just outside the limit of the photo fixation.

3. 3D Virtual tours
Will allow you to virtually visit the site, take measurements and explore as if you were there.

4. Capture difficult information.
We can capture difficult to reach information which would be impossible, dangerous or expensive to measure via other means.