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Video Walkthrough

Why a Property Video Walkthrough is the best value for money when it comes down to virtual viewings?

Property Video Walkthrough is a basic tool for conducting virtual viewing with minimal cost.

The Video will tell the story of a property in a more dynamic way compared to photography and will show more of actual space just like walking around the property in real life. It will not replace the Photography that still is required for your listings to capture the attention at the first place but this is an add-on to Property Photography.

Video Walkthrough does not replace the property photographs but it builds a bridge between Photography and 3D virtual tours that are on the top in the property marketing.

Video Walkthrough is a hybrid, similar to the transport industry where Hybrid car is after the petrol and before the Electric car, the Walkthrough Video is a hybrid between the Property Photography and 3D Virtual Tours and achieves great results with minimal investment.

Property Photography has been a must have for many years now, with the Covid-19 remote viewings being demanded more and more. Video walkthrough is the way forward as Virtual Viewings is here to stay and now even advertised on the news by government and estate agents, they are saving time and energy for everyone.

What are the benefits of Property Video Tour in property viewing?

Similarly, to when Selling/Renting a home, the process of buying a home can be very emotional.

A compelling video not only immerses potential buyers into the experience of the house, but also establishes an emotional connection by highlighting what makes it special.

The majority of people are making their decisions of buying with eyes and based on their feelings.

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